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About us

Building the Future
With over 25 years of experience, Air Components continues to lead the way with cutting-edge innovations in supplying product to the Aerospance Industry. Keeping current with technology and trends, we are helping our customers secure their position in the industry by helping build the future together.

Air Components is your number one source for fast, reliable, quality fasteners and hardware. We provide a complete line of aerospace standard fasteners, mechanical and electrical hardware, and hydraulic fittings. We not only stock product but also have the resources to supply virtually any desired commodity.

We are a highly-focused company that takes pride in fast, efficient customer service. Our friendly staff has the knowledge and determination to provide you with the "right part, right now". We also have extensive knowledge in manufacturing as well as the distribution of our product lines.

Our Mission
We seek long term trading partners with which we can develop their confidence and trust in our services . This partnership will insure our customers remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Brief History
Air Components was founded in 1987 by industry veterans David Blocker and Robert "Mike" Ames. Armed with a solid knowledge of the business, they set out to become the premier distributor for hardware and fasteners for the industry and immediately captured the support and confidence from such aerospace giants as General Dynamics, Hercules Aerospace, and Chrysler.

In the ensuing years, Air Components has added many other prestigious companies to this list including Hamilton Sundstrand, TRW (Lucas Division) and Rolls Royce. In fact, in a rare move, Hamilton Sundstrand has established an in-house Air Components buyer at their main headquarters. Though Air Components has grown in size and influence over the years, it has strategically remained highly focused, and continues to provide it's customers with the highest level of service and efficiency.

Outstanding Performance Award - Simula Government Products
Small Business Subcontractor of the Year - Sundstrand
Product Assured Program - TRW Aeronautical Systems
Authorized Certified Supplier - Rolls Royce Gear Systems


We are currently ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100:2009 Registered.
Certification No. CERT-07897-2005-AQ-HOU-ANAB